3 Branded Content Campaigns That Redefined Media Planning in 2014

Each year, the Ad Club hosts The Media Maven Awards to recognize and honor the best and brightest within the New England marketing and advertising community. The awards represent the most creative media campaigns, plans, and ideas, as well as the innovator thinkers, brands, and agencies behind it all.

When it comes to creating, planning, and executing effective branded content initiatives, these three finalists set the standard:


Digitas LBi – Lenovo

Many brands aim to create funny content, but very few are actually effective. This inundation of humorous content has left viewers with an extra critical eye, waiting to be impressed.

Digitas LBi took on this challenge, with the help of the hilarious writers behind The Onion, to create the irreverent web series for Lenovo: Tough Season.



Hill Holliday – Dunkin’ Donuts

Hill Holliday put on a real-time marketing show with its #DunkinReplay campaign for Dunkin’ Donuts. The first-ever Vine-to-TV commercial combined the viewing experience and passion of live professional sports with the buzz and engagement of social conversation.

The result was a first-of-its-kind branded content campaign that was timely, relevant, and true to the personality of the brand.



Mediahub/Mullen – Bose

Bose had a major problem: Beats by Dre had (unofficially) become the official headphone brand for millennials. What the brand needed was a fresh, clever marketing plan to win back the hearts (and dollars) of these consumers.

The media minds over at Mediahub/Mullen understood that the solution to this challenge revolved around 3 C’s: content, channel, and context. With that in mind, a three-pronged strategy emerged:

  1. Integrating Bose products within episodes of the CW’s millennial-targeted show, Arrow
  2. Producing an original, Bose-created mini-series, “Blood Rush”
  3. Rewarding that millennial fan base with a sweepstakes to win a trip on set



The Impact

So, what do these branded content campaigns mean for the future of marketing and advertising? In the constantly evolving landscape, it’s becoming increasingly clear that in order to stand out, brands and agencies have to rethink everything media.

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