How Consumer Viewing Behaviors Are Shaping the Future of Video Discovery

Leveraging high-impact video content to attract and engage your audience is the best, most authentic way to nurture the relationship. But in a world where YouTube gets 100 hours of content uploaded every minute, reaching that audience is no easy task.

So, how do you capture the attention of your audience?

As consumer attention spans shrink and the video space expands, this question is more difficult to answer. While there’s no magic formula to video discovery, we’ve unearthed valuable insight from the viewing behaviors of consumers.

Despite the fact that great content is often the key differentiator of success, it’s not the biggest determinant of viewership. Context is the key to predicting a consumer’s level of receptivity and attention to video advertising. Willingness to watch ads and the degree of attention consumers give to ads are dependent on the context of the media experience.

In fact, there are a number of actionable “sweet spots” for reaching attentive audiences based on six contextual elements:

  • Location
  • Mood
  • Device
  • Content Genre
  • Need State
  • Time of Day

Observing these viewing habits revealed a silver lining for brands and advertisers: reaching consumers in the ideal situation isn’t a giant guessing game.

For instance, time of day has a strong influence on video consumption. Although consumers seem to be glued to their technology at all times, there’s an actual time of daybetween 12:00 pm and 3:00 pmwhen consumers engage in discovery behaviors and actually welcome relevant ads.

To learn more about the impact of viewing behaviors on video discovery, check out the animation video below and download the full report, “Cutting Through the Clutter: The Opportunity for Video Discovery in a Crowded Space.”

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