An Unlikely Marketing Matchmaker

These days, marketers are held to higher expectations than ever—especially when it comes to video content. The reason for this pressure to create compelling content—and one of the key takeaways from Inbound—is that people simply don’t have patience anymore for branded messaging that feels like advertising.

The Production Problem

As brands are becoming increasingly aware that intrusive, interruptive, self-centered advertising no longer works, they are also realizing that there isn’t a magic formula for creating content that does resonate with audiences.

However, there seems to be one commonality that emerges from every truly effective piece of video content: storytelling.

While this essential element provides some guidance, the question still remains: how can brands turn their storytelling vision into high-quality video content?

A Unique Solution

A little over a year ago, the video-sharing service, Vimeo, set out to provide a solution to the production problem troubling brand marketers of all kinds.

The Brand Creative Fund was born.

The initiative aims to help brands produce stellar branded content by matching them with creators within the Vimeo community. Essentially, brands give the creators an idea or theme, and then allow the creative geniuses to run with it.

The Result

A match made in marketing heaven. The artistic vision of content creators is no longer being compromised by marketing micromanagement; instead, creators are able to bring brands to life by doing what their title suggests—creating stories.

The first brand that jumped on the opportunity was Lincoln Motors, as part of its strategy to reinvigorate the 90-year-old brand that has lost its popularity over the years. To watch some of the “Hello Campaign,” and the very beginnings of the Brand Creative Fund, check out the Lincoln Motor Company Vimeo channel.

Empowering Creativity

A more recent project from the Brand Creative Fund paired one of the world’s most innovative brands, Intel, with the filmmakers at Efran Films to produce a 10 episode series, Empowering Innovators.

The series explores the ways Intel technology plays a role in the lives of individuals who push the status quo.



As a result of this dynamic brand-filmmaker partnership, the Intel brand transforms into an Intel story.

If a movement like the Brand Creative Fund is any indication of how brands will continue to approach video in the future, I’m guessing we will be seeing less of branded content and a lot more of simply great content, branded.

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