Home & Garden Brands Hit the Online Video Trifecta: Instagram, Vine & YouTube

In this day and age, creating branded online video content is a must. According to comScore, 196.5 million Americans watched online video in September 2014. Consumers are shifting their attention away from traditional media channels to online, and brands that fail to meet them there with entertaining content will miss out on valuable engagement.

Though there is room for improvement when it comes to video content from home and garden brands, a few standout companies are taking advantage of three major video sharing sites to drive awareness and excitement around improvement projects.

Home Depot

In May of last year, more than one in three Americans used the Web to visit home and garden websites. The number one destination: The Home Depot. With more than 140,000 subscribers across Instagram, Vine and YouTube, Home Depot is known for its creative use of online video. Take a look!


The future’s looking bright on 7/12. Join our #DIYWorkshop this weekend for more lighting and electrical project ideas. Reserve your seat here: thd.co/diyworkshops

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Though Dyson’s video marketing efforts focus mainly on its vacuum cleaners, the brand comes up with interesting, creative ways to show off the products’ capabilities.


#DC65cleansbetter across carpets and hard floors, with 12 cyclones that spin out dust, dirt and allergens.

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Another powerhouse in the home and garden industry, Lowe’s is famous for its how-to videos. With simple tips and tricks for home improvement, the brand keeps its 181,000 followers (across Instagram, Vine and YouTube) coming back for more.


How To Figure Out Fertilizer: Left number – Nitrogen (N) for leaf development and vivid green color. Middle number – Phosphorous (P) for root growth. Right number – Potassium (K), sometimes called potash, for root development and disease resistance. #DIY #Lowes #SpringIsCalling #Fertilizer

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Though a marketing strategy across each of these channels may not align with your brand’s needs, there is still a lesson to be learned. These home and garden companies are using online video content to not only promote themselves, but also to inspire action in general (i.e. home improvement projects). For this industry, this is where the consumer journey begins.

With a video-centric promotional strategy, these three brands will remain at the forefront of consumers’ minds, ensuring them an upper hand in terms of awareness and brand recall when home improvement season comes around.

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