Feeling Inspired? These Brands Sure Are

Imitation is the best form of flattery, or so the saying goes. And quite recently, a group of brands have been in a flattering mood, at least when it comes to online video content. Taking inspiration from those that have gone before them, Verizon, Mattel and the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation have put their own twists on viral hits.

Unless you live under a rock, you should be well aware of Kmart’s viral video that is all about shipping pants. The humorous wordplay struck a cord with Internet users and to date, the spot from Draftfcb has earned more than 21.7 million YouTube views.

Last week, Verizon released a video ad with the same premise and is hoping the concept is enough to catapult the spot into viral video stardom.

Out-of-home advertising has gone digital, and seven months ago a Swedish hair-care products brand got creative with a subway station billboard. Check it out.

Earlier this week, the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation released a similar video with a much different message. The spot has already managed to rack up more than 595,000 YouTube views.

Last but not least is some good old fashioned experiential marketing. In May 2013, Samsung challenged passersby to the ultimate staring contest. Participants could blink, but once they looked away, it was game over. The video went viral, earning more than 4.5 million YouTube views.

In a similar fashion, Mattel invested in some experiential marketing by challenging shoppers to a game of digital Pictionary with larger than life prizes.

It just goes to show that if you strike while the iron is hot and piggyback on a viral hit (adding your own twist, of course), you could reap the rewards in terms of viewership and engagement.

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