The Key to Your Conversion (And Business) Success

Everything that you do on behalf of your business, whether it’s writing a blog post (like this one) or inputting data into an Excel file, isn’t really about you or your business—it’s always about the consumer.

It’s strange to think about, but every action and decision you make is (and if it’s not, it should be) ultimately tied to one of three things: reaching your customer, moving that customer through your sales funnel, and/or maintaining that relationship over the long term.

The Top Marketing Priorities

This is much more than a simple way of thinking; it’s a marketing way of life.

According to HubSpot’s State of Inbound 2014, which surveys over 3500 marketing and sales professionals at all levels, across all industries, and around the world, the top marketing priorities are consistent across the board.


Top Marketing Priorities

The Universal Business Goal

Every business is comprised of many different parts and people, each with its own purpose and language. But, amongst all the trends and innovations that change the way you do business, and how you market that business, there’s one constant, universal agenda: conversions.

Conversion is a language everyone speaks, so that begs the question:

How do you improve or increase your conversion rates when every business is also competing for consumers to convert?

One of the strategies that businesses are starting to use to differentiate themselves, to stick out in the minds of consumers, is online video.

The Proven Solution

Online video isn’t just a flashy marketing tactic; it’s a powerful driver of conversions. To help illustrate the positive impact of video, Brightcove created this impactful infographic, “Video Moves Business,” which details the results of Aberdeen’s recent Global Video Marketing ROI report.


Video Moves Business


But, what kind of video content converts? Discover the elements of successful online video campaigns in How to Create Video Content That Converts!

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