A Sponsor of Stories: Jack Daniel’s Brings us “Tales of Whiskey”

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This week, we released a new whitepaper titled, “5 Tactics You Can Use to Drive Online Video Virality,” in which we took a closer look at the types of content that tend to go viral. These five different tactics all had a common denominator: real people. Online video viewers crave sincere storytelling, and they reward this type of content with views, shares and engagement.

As a brand with its own genuine story, Jack Daniel’s set out to gather real stories from real bars as part of its new campaign from Arnold Worldwide. Housed on a branded website titled, Tales of Mischief, Revelry and Whiskey, these stories capture the atmosphere and spirit of some pretty unique watering holes.

“Storytelling is at the heart of the Jack Daniel’s brand,” said client brand director Laura Petry. “Everyone loves a good bar story. I do. You do. Your mom probably does, too. It’s a shared experience and part of the reason we all go to bars in the first place. A great story is the trophy of a great night out. So it made sense to document and share these great stories with the world.”

Along with seven videos, there are 11 audio stories and six written stories: “We didn’t script any of them,” Petry said. “These stories are all 100 percent real, told by real people in their own words.”

Take a look at a few of the video spots:

Online video is the perfect medium for visual storytelling. As brands shift their focus to this channel to establish emotional connections with viewers, they are finding new ways to engage and entertain. The new Jack Daniel’s site, filled with powerful stories, is a prime example of this shift and brands’ dedication to providing Internet users with high-quality digital content.

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