The Marriage of Storytelling & Action: Sports Apparel Brands Thrive Online

In many of our articles, we emphasize the importance of storytelling in online video marketing efforts. Consumers don’t want to sit through boring videos that simply display products; they want to be immersed in a story. The Sports Apparel & Equipment Industry has successfully embraced storytelling to sell products and is seeing increased engagement with its online videos as a result.

Branded videos from the likes of Nike, adidas, Reebok and more rack up millions of views online. Why? Because viewers get wrapped up in the action and excitement of the story. Here are a few demonstrative spots from the Sports Apparel & Equipment Industry:

Nike – “Winner Stays”

94 million YouTube views

adidas – “The Dream: all in or nothing”

39 million YouTube views

Under Armour – “Misty Copeland – I WILL WHAT I WANT”

6 million YouTube views

Reebok – “Reethym of Lite featuring Swizz Beatz”

2.6 million YouTube views

Puma – “#ForeverFaster | Calling All Troublemakers”

4 million YouTube views

Dick’s Sporting Goods – “Corner Kick”

3 million YouTube views

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