A Global Brand Celebrates A Universal Truth: A Mother’s Unconditional Love

It’s official: consumer goods companies have abandoned marketing product benefits in order to make room for emotional storytelling. Unilever first introduced this trend in April of 2013, when it channeled a new sense of realness with Dove and its Real Beauty Sketches. Over a year later, in June of 2014, it was Proctor & Gamble’s turn with the #LikeAGirl campaign for its brand, Always.

But buried under the hype of #LikeAGirl, Unilever released a documentary-style film in June for another one of its brands, Comfort, that proves the company is out to break category norms once again.

With the help of the creative geniuses over at Ogilvy & Mather Singapore, the online video campaign, “The Day I Visited My Son,” sets out to free mothers of the burden of perfection.

“The pressure on mothers today is intense. Everywhere you turn there is an opinion, a celebrity or a style of motherhood that is deemed ‘right.’ And it changes constantly. Most communications perpetuate this notion that everything and everyone should always be picture perfect,” explains Yves Geisenberger, Global Brand VP for Fabric Conditioners at Unilever.

The film’s response to this issue, and the simple message it reinforces at the end, make it a video worth watching (maybe even twice).

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