Evian Refreshes Its Brand & New York City With Free Bottle Service

The term “bottle service” is typically tossed around within the walls of exclusive lounges and nightclubs, with the purpose—historically—of creating a barrier to entry in order to weed out the VIP-worthy from the rest of the crowd.

Well, not anymore. Evian® Natural Spring Water redefined the entire concept of bottle service last month with a promotional stunt that delivered the best bottle of anything around—an ice-cold, refreshing bottle of water—to any New Yorker for FREE. That’s right, no celebrity status needed. In fact, it was tennis star, Maria Sharapova, who helped serve up bottles of evian to unsuspecting fans.

Evian Bottle Service

The ultimate solution to beating the summer heat was just a tweet away for city-goers using the hashtag #evianBottleService, but this clever value exchange has benefitted the brand even after the summer temperatures have cooled.

Giving consumers the ability to interact with the brand and the product in an edgy way made evian’s first redesign in 10 years as seamless as the new bottle itself. The new look of the brand—and the bottle—is reflective of the all-inclusiveness of its bottle service: transparent and label-free.

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