Digital Video Brings OOH Advertising Into the Home

Out of home (OOH) advertising in the home? The only reason that sounds like an oxymoron is because it is. But as brands look to extend marketing efforts into the digital space, online video has become a vehicle that is driving OOH advertising into the home.

Unless you have the budget for an ad placement in Times Square, chances are your billboard isn’t going to reach millions of viewers. Though not every online video about OOH advertising garners this kind of attention, companies are using this medium to drive increased awareness and engagement amongst Internet users.

And we’ve got examples from brands around the world. From the U.S. to the U.K. to Australia, OOH ads are making their way into homes via digital video.

1. “Mr. Kipling’s Edible Billboard”

Mr. Kipling and JWT London created this mouth-watering billboard made up of 13,360 cakes. As the company (and most passersby) would agree, “Life is better with cake.”

2. “Into the Storm”

The prankvertising trend, though a little overplayed, is still going strong. To promote the release of the film Into the Storm, Roadshow Films brought a little augmented reality fun to the streets of Sydney, Australia.

3. US Open | Story of the Open

To promote this iconic tennis tournament, the U.S. Open created this OOH advertising campaign. Each day, an artist would create a new, original painting displayed on a billboard that had to do with the day’s events and buzzed-about moments. Below is the first video of the series. Check out the rest of the videos here.

As more and more people flock online to consume video content, companies have tailored their marketing strategies to cater to these viewers. Now, instead of repurposing television content as a way to extend the reach of a specific advertising material, brands are using digital video to highlight OOH efforts.

It really is a special treat for those of us who weren’t lucky enough to see these masterpieces in person.

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