3 Branded Videos You’ll Actually Enjoy

Let’s be honest, when it comes to branded content, we usually elect to scroll past, skip through, or DVR over it. We’ve grown accustomed to traditional advertisements, like banner ads and TV commercials, and as a result, we’ve learned to tune them out.

As consumers adapt, so do brands. Thankfully, as brands are turning to online video and YouTube channels to test out more (and differentiated) content, the future of branded content is looking optimistic—and actually enjoyable. Here are three examples of the emergence of this new kind of branded entertainment:


1)  VW Beetle, “Once More, The Story of VIN 903847”

A 1955 Volkswagen Beetle went around the world three times and is still on the road 59 years later. This is its story.




2)  Intel & Toshiba, “The Power Inside Official Trailer”

The Power Inside is an interactive social film where the audience can play a part in deciding the fate of Earth. To help save—or destroy—the world, watch and interact with all of “The Power Inside” episodes on the Inside Films website.




3)  IBM, “A Boy And His Atom: The World’s Smallest Movie”

Scientists at IBM had a little fun and used their ability to move atoms to make a movie. For more on this unprecedented breakthrough, check out IBM Research.





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