A Shopping Spree Most Kids Can Only Dream Of

Oftentimes, heroes within our own communities go unnoticed. Well, Lolli & Pops Candy Store wasn’t about to let that happen to Mary Cate, a little girl who suffers from a rare condition called Apert Syndrome. Why, might you ask, is Mary Cate a local hero? Along with her mother, she travels to neighboring schools educating students with an anti-bullying campaign.

According to the video description, “She uses the hashtag #choosekind to bring awareness to the campaign about treating all individuals equally regardless of our differences.”

When Lolli & Pops found out that Mary Cate absolutely loved candy, they decided to give her a shopping spree at their store in the Chicago Fashion Outlet in Rosemont. They put together this video to spread even more awareness of the campaign and Mary Cate’s heartwarming story.

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