Behind the Scenes at ViralGains: Carrie-Beth Spina

With a killer laugh and a curiosity for people, Carrie-Beth Spina’s magnetic personality draws in everyone around her. As ViralGains’ Sales Director, these qualities couldn’t be more perfect. Her ability to quickly form genuine relationships has already helped her charm her way into the hearts of the ViralGains team (and it has only been a week!).

Her journey into sales began at the tender age of 15 when she landed her first waitressing job. Although it doesn’t necessarily sound sales-related, it was here that she first discovered her curiosity for people. She loved interacting with the customers and was intrigued by their unique stories and experiences. She continued waitressing and picked up two additional jobs to put herself through college.

Afterwards, while working as a Legal Secretary, Carrie-Beth received a call that would change her life. A friend invited her to interview for a sales recruiting job. Though she was a little hesitant, he assured her she had the personality for it. She nailed the interview, accepted the position and never turned back.

Since then, she has worked for numerous companies from enterprises to startups. In one of her favorite positions, Major Account Executive at T-Mobile, Carrie-Beth became the #2 representative in the nation. People love technology, so she stayed in telecommunications for a while before discovering her passion for the startup world.

She loved the intimate experience startups could offer—everyone interacted so closely and had the ability to contribute to the bigger picture. In 2012 she joined Insperity, a provider of high performance HR and business solutions, and had the opportunity to consult a number of startups; but she wanted in on the action!  After brief professional encounters with ViralGains’ founders Jay Singh and Kate Willett, Carrie-Beth reached out to Jay one day looking for startup sales positions. He suggested ViralGains.

Though the interview process spanned a few months, it was such a natural process for her. She instantly fell in love with the team and couldn’t be happier in her new position. Being immersed in the ViralGains’ culture and exploring the innovative ways people think, work, learn, develop and evolve can be overwhelming—but in a great way.

But not to worry, she works hard and plays hard. Carrie-Beth and her significant other David spend weekends in Vermont or New Hampshire and have traveled around Europe, their most recent escapade landing them in Paris, France. Next year, the two will visit Ireland and Italy (a country she highly recommends others visit).

Passionate, curious and fearless, Carrie-Beth is no stranger to grabbing life by the horns. She believes that our journey in life is not about ourselves, but about others and the ways in which we can bring joy into their lives. And boy, oh boy does she brighten up the ViralGains office. Never without a smile and a kind word, Carrie-Beth’s joy is contagious and we’re so excited that she’s joined the VG family.


The laugh.

Ask anyone in the office and they’ll tell you about the last time Carrie-Beth’s laugh filled up the office. It’s contagious, to say the least!

Hey! Sorry are you busy?

Not once has Carrie-Beth messaged me via G-Chat. She walks all the way over to my desk for any and all conversations. Just goes to show her love of face-to-face interactions.

As Carrie-Beth is one of VG’s newest members, we’re still trying to figure out her best “isms.” Stay tuned, and we’ll update the list ASAP!

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