Personalization: The Biggest Goal, Challenge, and Solution for Marketers

In a recent study from Adobe, marketers acknowledged that in a digital landscape that is constantly innovating, they too, must reinvent themselves, or risk being outpaced by technology. With that in mind, the marketers were then posed with a rather thought-provoking question: What will be most important to your company’s marketing moving forward?

While the top five areas of importance—big data, mobile, personalization, social, and real-time—that emerged from the responses aren’t shocking, the one category that surfaced as the biggest priority for the future might be…


Your eyes aren’t failing you. Personalization really topped big data, social, real-time, and, surprisingly, mobile.

However, in a survey conducted this month, personalization topped the charts again; this time, as the biggest challenge facing digital marketers.

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But, why does this discrepancy exist?

Amidst the growing body of research supporting the benefits of personalization as a major factor in consumer engagement and purchasing decisions, it’s clear that marketers continue to struggle to turn a valuable asset into a tangible strategy.

So, how can marketers turn a goal and a challenge into a reality?

Luckily for marketers, there’s a solution that already exists.

Online video offers marketers the opportunity to deliver unique brand messaging that defies the automated, fill-in-the-blank feel of text-based content. But, what’s even better about online video, in comparison to other mediums, is that it also incorporates big data, social, real-time, and mobile.

Now, I’m not suggesting that marketers start producing personalized videos for each and every member of the target audience. That’s the beauty of online video—if marketers use the right channels to distribute it to the right eyeballs, then the content will resonate with its audience.

Online video is more than just a form of entertainment; it’s a visual storytelling experience that bridges an emotional connection between brands and its consumers. When it comes to personalization, there’s nothing more personally relevant than a video that evokes a range of emotions in a matter of minutes—that’s something that every human being can relate to.

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