Meeting Mindfulness: Four Video Conferencing Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to business meetings, there are three commonly used means of communication: face-to-face, audio and video. If you insist that your behavior is exactly the same in each of these scenarios, then you’re lying. The truth of the matter is that in a world of multi-tasking, listening often takes a backseat to what’s in front of us. At the same time, what’s in front of us isn’t always the person we need to converse with, as we are usually separated by distance, timing or the walls of a cubicle.

The global leader in interoperable video collaboration services, Blue Jeans Network provides a logical and convenient solution to this miscommunication dilemma by combining the power behind face-to-face, audio and video into one easily accessible vehicle: video conferencing.

The benefit of this method of communication is its ability to create an active and engaging environment. But being on video is a new experience for many, so, Blue Jeans uses humor to shed light on a very important aspect of video conferencing: you have to be an active and engaged participant…because everyone can see you.

If you want a good laugh while learning the essential “don’ts” of video conferencing, let Blue Jeans entertain you with its video, “Meeting Mindfulness: Four Conferencing Mistakes to Avoid.” Whether the video makes you blush out of second-hand embarrassment or personal experience, its James Earl Jones-esque narrator makes it a must-see.

When it comes to video conferencing, Blue Jeans provides a friendly reminder that all businesspeople need to abide by: keep meetings memorable for the right reasons…not because you’re trying to make your favorite onesie pajamas acceptable business attire.

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