Brands Bait Shark Week Fans With Online Video

Brands often spend the entire year planning the most creative and effective ways to exploit the kind of viewership and attention that major events—like the Super Bowl—have the ability to capture. Lately, the ultimate opportunity that’s got big brands “chumming the water,” so to speak, is the highly anticipated annual event from Discovery Channel that has gained a cult-like following: Shark Week.

Seriously, it’s a marketing feeding frenzy out there. As consumers are fleeting to social media, brands have been there to meet them with clever shark-related content and puns. However, the brands that are proving to be advertising’s top predators are the ones that are harnessing the aggressive edge that comes from online video.

So, brands unequipped with the competitive advantage of online video, be fair warned: “Don’t go in the water!”


Rob Lowe proves to be the “King of Summer” in Discovery’s own wildly strange promo for Shark Week.

Purina Tidy Cats

The anti-Shark Week stunt: #KittenWeek: The Cuteness Is Coming…

Southern Comfort

Barefoot Wine


Following up last year’s memorable “Subaquatic Road Trip,” Volkswagen is partnering with Discovery for the third year in a row for Shark Week, and is continuing to make waves.

The brand has been quick to take the opportunity to showcase its ingenuity to the fervent Shark Week fan base with a site purely dedicated to the event:

Along with online episodes featuring “Non-stop Shark Week Challenges,” Volkswagen has also worked with Discovery and its AOR, Deutsch LA, to produce on-air content.

Marketers, take a bite out of this cultural phenomenon, or risk treading water. Don’t believe me? Trust the hallowed words of 30 Rock character, Tracy Jordan:

“So, here’s some advice I wish I would have got when I was your age: Live every week like it’s Shark Week.”

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