The Little Blogging Platform That Could: Tumblr Tackles Online Video Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube have proved to be the social platforms that can. While these vehicles are customary to the advertising world, there is a huge opportunity for brands that continues to fly under the radar; the little blogging platform that could: Tumblr.

Tumblr has always been known as the best platform for creativity, but now it’s transforming into the best—and largely untapped—resource for brand advertising.

With the 2013 acquisition of Tumblr by Yahoo, the microblogging platform is no longer limited to angst-ridden teenagers and starving poets; instead, the site is a credible and valuable marketing solution for brands that desire a more artful approach to publishing content.

Currently, only 31 of the top 100 brands use Tumblr, but here are some convincing reasons why your company should start implementing Tumblr into your marketing campaign:

    • Tumblr is incredibly intimate—it’s the perfect means of targeting the 18 to 24-year-old sweet spot that is largely comprised of a young, educated and eager-to-share audience.
    • Don’t overlook the power of Tumblr when it comes to online video. The site is responsible for referring more average video starts than YouTube, Twitter and Reddit.
    • The capabilities of Tumblr are a blend of different social platforms. The ability to combine the blogging functionalities of WordPress, the social features of Facebook (sharing, liking, following, hashtags, etc.) and the visual management of Pinterest gives Tumblr a unique advantage.
    • The RPV (Revenue per Visitor) for Tumblr is $1.10 on average, which is second only to Facebook at $1.22.
    • The widespread, global reach of Tumblr is rather unexpected, but shouldn’t go unnoticed:

Tumblr Statistics

Source: Quick Sprout

As Tumblr continues to grow, brands are beginning to take advantage of it as a marketing vehicle. The site continues to meet these demands by becoming more and more advertising-friendly.

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British Airways



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