What We’re Watching Wednesday 7/9

This week’s videos are all over the board—we’ve got spray painting, homemade slip’n slides, Neil Young, animated shorts, cellos and more! Check out what all of us over here at ViralGains have been watching this week.

Christina Lee shared this powerful video from Dermablend.

This animated short from Sunny Side Up Production proved to be a real tear-jerker for Jia Niu.

Need an idea for a fun summer weekend? How about a slip’n slide off the side of a cliff? Lauren Wilmot shared this crazy video with the team.

“My neighbor Ian is in this video. Dope as hell. Enough said.” –Chase Compton

Vitor Petrone is loving this new video series from Honda. Are you prepared for the Wolf Rider?

Peng Zhang chose this near miss as his pick of the week.

Luigi Du had two great video picks this week—a funny look at the art of taking selfies and a beautifully animated love story.

These videos might not be the newest, but I thought you’d enjoy the musical talent showcased in both.

Would you jump off a 25 story building? Peter McCracken shared this stunt video from Bagjump Action Sports.

AJ Jaggi recommends this video to any Neil Young and Iggy Azalea fans.

This video, shared by Sohini Nag, displays a new design for the Wujin Planning and Exhibition Centre in China. This beautiful lotus flower-shaped structure will become an iconic attraction symbolizing the growth and prosperity of Wujin.

Aletta Marsans has been laughing at this video for the last ten minutes.

What have you been watching this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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