What is a ViralGains Video View and Why is it so Valuable?

If you’re promoting your video content online, you should know exactly what you’re buying in terms of video views. We know that you want the most value out of each dollar you spend, which is why the ViralGains “video view” is tailored to drive the best return on your investment. How? All of the views you’ll receive from ViralGains are user-initiated, last at least 30 seconds and come from relevant, highly targeted audiences. Each of these elements plays a critical role in determining the kind of response and engagement your videos will elicit.

So let’s take a closer look.

1. User-initiated video views

Every video served through ViralGains is choice based, meaning users have a choice to either click play or avoid the video completely. Many times, ads are force fed to viewers in the form of pre-rolls and interstitials. These videos play automatically. Forcing people to watch your video content isn’t advantageous. These kinds of video ads are interruptive and tend to produce negative associations with your brand.

For example, Sharethrough and Nielsen found that users exposed to pre-roll ads were 29.3% more likely to report that they viewed the brand “unfavorably” or “very unfavorably” than those who had not been exposed to the campaign.

In the same study, the companies found that user-initiated video ads created an 82% brand lift, compared with auto-playing pre-roll ads that saw a mere 2.1% brand lift.

If you interrupt a user’s online experience with an irrelevant ad, you risk losing a customer before he/she even purchases your product. In today’s incredibly competitive marketplace, you cannot afford to push potential consumers away with your advertising efforts. This is why we only serve user-initiated video ads.

2. In order for a view to register, a user must watch AT LEAST 30 seconds

You shouldn’t have to fork over marketing dollars for anything less. Many times, brands and businesses will pay for views without understanding what exactly counts as a video view. Some companies may not even track this statistic or they might count a view when a user has watched 10 seconds of the ad—but this isn’t enough time for a consumer to become invested in your content, let alone your brand.

At ViralGains, we only count a view after a user has watched at least 30 seconds of the video. This is enough time for a viewer to feel truly engaged with the content, and that’s why we feel confident counting it as a true view.

3. We only deliver content to highly targeted, relevant audiences

You choose a target audience and we’ll only deliver your video content to people within this group. You’ll have access to transparent reporting, which means that you’ll be able to see when, where and how people watch your videos (i.e. the sites your video appears on, when a user watched the video and on which device) in real-time.

These metrics help to ensure your views are bot free. Our technology is able to recognize human attributes in viewers, meaning every view you receive is legitimate.

We believe in delivering the most value to businesses, which is why we guarantee true organic viewership. On the other hand, we’re also dedicated to providing consumers with value in the form of targeted ads that are relevant to their interests. Our cost-per-view may not be the lowest, but because it incorporates the three essential elements listed above, the ViralGains video view is the most valuable for brands, agencies, individuals and businesses of all sizes.

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