ViralGains Unveiled: A Company Culture You Can’t Give Up [Video]

July in Boston isn’t too different than July anywhere else—just throw in some extra humidity and heaps of rain. But the biggest attraction of this time of year is the fact that you’ve escaped the treacherous New England winter, for the time being.

So, what kind of person would ever trade in the year-round California sunshine for the East Coast? If you ask VG Content Marketing Coordinator aka WordPress Wizard aka Copy Cruncher, Hannah Brenzel, her answer will never falter: the company culture behind ViralGains.

More than a year after her coast-to-coast leap of faith—leaving behind her home, her anticipated college degree and her SoCal lifestyle—a lot has changed for Brenzel and ViralGains. As the startup has grown, so has Hannah. From a company of five to a constantly expanding team of 25, from the Cambridge Innovation Center to Congress Street, from full-time intern to Content Marketing Coordinator—change has become a common theme. Yet, in the face of the evolution of ViralGains, one thing has remained consistently awesome: the culture.

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