Small Agency Award Winners Pack a Big Punch With Digital Content

Recently, Ad Age announced the winners of its 2014 Small Agency Awards and boy, oh boy is it an impressive bunch!  A majority of the Gold Winners have produced online videos for clients that have seen great success on video sharing sites across the web. Today, we’ll take a look at some of this digital content that packed enough punch to propel these agencies to the top of Ad Age’s list.

Agency of the Year: Muhtayzik Hoffer

With heavy-hitter clients like Google and Netflix, Muhtayzik Hoffer has had ample room to show off its skills. The agency offers in-house production and is no stranger to creating consistent streams of quality content. For Netflix, the agency created and produced 57 videos in the first six months after landing the deal. Its mockumentary for the fictional movie “Fireplace for Your Home,” has been a real crowd-pleaser.

Muhtayzik Hoffer also played a role in Google’s April Fools’ Day tomfoolery and encouraged people to Emojify the Web.

Gold Winners (Based on Size):

1-10 Employees: Odysseus Arms

Priding itself on its storytelling ability, Odysseus Arms has landed major clients including BuzzFeed, OUYA, Pen International and YouTube—you’ve probably seen the agency’s YouTube ads featuring Beth Mota, Michelle Phan and Rosanna Pansino. Odysseus Arms has also worked with Ubisoft to promote the 2015 release of Tom Clancy’s The Division, a massive online, open-world RPG shooter game. The trailer is chill-inducing.

11-75 Employees: Tiny Rebellion

Self-entitled “agents of positive change,” Tiny Rebellion believes, “that brands have not only the opportunity, but the obligation to make people’s lives better and to make the world a better place.”

The agency works with brands like Bolthouse Farm whose #FoodPornIndex tracks social media mentions of junk foods vs. healthy foods and TrueCar, an automotive-pricing site dedicated to taking the stress out of car shopping. This year, the company produced this spot for Hotwire as part of its Happiness campaign.

76-150 Employees: Brooklyn Brothers

A global agency founded in 2001, Brooklyn Brothers believes that brands can’t just buy an audience, they have to earn one: “And that critical difference is what informs all of our work,” states its website.

One of the agency’s most famous online videos is actually my all-time favorite viral video (only because I can’t get enough of Jason Sudeikis). The clip is part of an awareness campaign for NBC Sports and its English Premier League coverage.

Each one of these talented agencies exceeded and continues to exceed client expectations with innovative strategies and kickass content. Congratulations to all of Ad Age’s Small Agency Award Winners; we look forward to all the creative campaigns you have in store for us!

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