Behind the Scenes at ViralGains: Marcos Rocha

Strolling into the office in jeans and a baseball cap, Marcos Rocha doesn’t necessarily look like your typical Business Evangelist—well, that’s because nothing about this guy is typical. From his degree in History, to his innate passion for snowboarding on mountains across the country, Marcos is nothing less than a modern-day Renaissance man.

He grew up in Framingham, Massachusetts, and considered himself a “townie” for most of his life. It was only in his early twenties that Marcos discovered his love for the fast-paced life that Boston offered, and he’s been tied to the city ever since. After graduating from Framingham State University, he jumped into a government internship where he worked his way up the ranks into a steady job. Through this experience, he was introduced into a number of social circles, forming relationships within the hospitality, restaurant and advertising industries, just to name a few.

During our conversation, Marcos mentioned the word “opportunity” or “opportunistic” more than a dozen times. This is the way he’s lived his life: always on the lookout for new ventures—it’s all about being in the right place at the right time. Enter ViralGains. Marcos first met founders Dan Levin and Kate Willett on a roof deck party hosted by Life is good, a New England-based lifestyle brand. There was an instant connection between the three, but after the event they parted ways.

Destiny intervened and three weeks later, Marcos ran into the entire founding team (Jay Singh included) at the first annual BostonFest. They exchanged numbers and the founders mentioned that ViralGains would soon be moving into the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC). Marcos made sure his contacts at the CIC gave ViralGains a warm welcome, and soon thereafter the group met up for lunch and cemented the relationship.

Marcos admits that the next step was one of the most difficult he’s ever made; he quit his secure government job and joined this ad-tech startup.

“I was presented with a cool situation—I just saw it and I grabbed it. It was four of us that started at the CIC and now, the team has grown to 25+. It’s been a hell of a journey,” he said.

This growth is what excites him the most about ViralGains today. Oftentimes in a startup, people get caught up in what they think the company culture is, then someone new joins the group and it’s a whole new ball game. This injection of creativity, positivity and energy is what really gets him fired up.

He believes that every day is an opportunity to do something really cool, and that’s the way he approaches ViralGains. His enthusiastic, optimistic, opportunistic approach to life has gotten him to where he is today.

“I think there’s something to be said about taking a leap of faith. As long as you do things for the right reasons, things will work themselves out.”


“Where’s Marcos?” –Everyone else

The office nomad, Marcos hardly ever sits at his designated desk. Most of the time, he’s situated himself in a random conference room and left everyone else guessing his whereabouts.


According to undisclosed sources (aka everyone in the office), this is Marcos’s version of “hey.” At least you’ll always know who’s trying to get your attention.

“Yo, I got this”

Marcos knows how to attract a crowd—we call it throwing up the bat signal. At parties if we need more people (particularly girls), Marcos just throws up the bat signal and in like 20 minutes the job’s done.

“Hey Bud”

Marcos’s signature greeting.

“Let’s grab a beer”

Marcos is one of the chilliest people in the office; this slogan is even stamped onto his business cards. He’ll meet you for a beer, but don’t ask him to take you to his favorite pub—he doesn’t have one. Just like in the office, he’s always moving around.

“I try to do cool things; I just go where the cool things are. As long as the people are coming along with me, then it’s all good.”

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