What Has the Power to Unite Three Complete Strangers on the Sidewalk?

The answer is music, of course. In case you haven’t seen this viral sensation yet, here it is: an epic jam session between three strangers on the sidewalk.

Someone was lucky enough to capture this on video and upload it to YouTube where millions of people had the opportunity to watch and share the clip. People shared this video more than 460,000 times, fueling virality and catching the attention of news sources and even Jimmy Kimmel. Take a look.

This video footage taken by another stranger on his cell phone went viral online and then spread onto mainstream TV, amplifying the video’s audience exponentially. People are obviously hungry for positive, heartwarming content. Every single person that watched this video is living proof that audience want to watch uplifting content, and traditional media outlets took notice. This is the power of viral video—stories like these are no longer taking a back seat to typically news network content.

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