Level Up: Start Promoting Your Videos Through Social Games (It’s Easier Than You Think)

If you’re a small business owner or content creator, promoting your videos on a social game like Angry Birds may seem overwhelming. I mean how do you even get started? Contact Rovio (game creator)? Michele Tobin, Rovio’s head of advertising, told Adweek that the company’s games provide premium inventory for video advertising from brands. So where does that leave you? What if you want a piece of that video marketing pie?

Before I get ahead of myself, I should probably answer the biggest question you have about video advertising in social games: why?

1. Your audience plays social games

According to a state of the industry report from Spil Games, more than 700 million people are playing online games worldwide—that’s 44% of the world’s online population. Not only is there a huge audience of online gamers, but this audience also spends more time gaming than engaging with other online entertainment. An average online gaming session lasts 40 minutes compared to 15 minutes for a session on YouTube.

A survey from game development studio Arkadium in Q2 2013 found that 56% of respondents play more than three Facebook games per week; 48% play more than three mobile games per week. This leads right into my next point:

2. You NEED to be on mobile

Though it’s important to advertise across both desktop and mobile devices, hundreds of millions of people are playing social games on their smartphones and tablets. eMarketer predicts that by 2016, 174 million Americans will play mobile games (52.9% of U.S. population). This is due to increases in smartphone and tablet penetration—this year, Frank N. Magid Associates estimates U.S. smartphone penetration will reach 80% and tablet penetration will reach 64%.

3. Video advertising in social games is the way to go

Luckily for you, 83% of online gamers are open to advertising Tweet: 83% of online gamers are open to advertising #SocialGames @ViralGains @iab http://ctt.ec/041Mn+ in return for free gaming content. If you have online videos to promote, you’re in even better shape as Spil Games reports a minimum click-through rate (CTR) of 1.5% globally for video advertisements. This is 15X higher than the CTR of traditional display ads.

Now that we’ve covered the “why?” let’s shift back to the “how?” First of all, you need to make sure that your social game video ads are opt-in and incentivized, as these types of ads perform better.

MediaBrix, an ad platform for social and mobile games, found that in-game value exchange ads generated a 91.4% engagement rate, while the same ads on desktops generate a 102.2% engagement rate. Video ad platform Jun Group reports a 98% completion rate for incentivized ads, vs. 67% for pre-roll, along with a 3x higher sharing rate.

Forty-one percent of mobile, in-app users prefer to see ads that do not interrupt their use of the app (eMarketer). This is why video advertisements in social games should be opt-in. No user should be forced to watch your video. If you deliver your videos to a highly targeted audience, your content will be relevant to these users’ interests—they’ll be more likely to watch and engage with your advertisements while also earning in-game rewards (remember your ads should be incentivized, too!). It’s a win-win.

Here’s the checklist you should reference before you invest in video advertising in social games:

  • Can I reach my audience through social games?
  • Will my videos reach social gamers on mobile devices?
  • Will my video ads be incentivized?
  • Will my ads be opt-in?

Contrary to popular belief, promoting your videos through social games is not a difficult process. If you advertise through the ViralGains self-serve platform, you can pick and choose up to 449 social games to advertise through including Facebook games; desktop games; mobile, in-app games; and yes, even Angry Birds.

ViralGains self-serve social games

All of the video ads served through our platform in social games are opt-in and incentivized, which means that you’ll receive increased views and engagement with your content. We are also able to reach over 300 million consumers (i.e. we’ll have no problem reaching your specific target market). Video advertising through social games is as easy as that. Check out our self-serve platform by clicking the image below and start delivering your content to engaged social gamers today!

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