Lego All the Things!

Ever wonder if your Lego-building skills are going to waste? Fear not! If you’ve got a video camera and editing skills you can produce mini blockbusters for entertainment-hungry audiences online. Okay, so unless you have the budget and the rights to create another Lego Movie, people may never have the chance to see your killer Lego creations. Right? Wrong.

BrotherhoodWorkshop is a YouTube channel dedicated to producing awesome stop-motion and fantasy films, most of which are made entirely out of Legos. Using online video to build a dedicated audience, BrotherhoodWorkshops hopes their success in this space will one day land them a movie deal. I mean, they’ve got teaser trailers down pat. Check it out!

Online video is not only a way to express creativity and individuality, but it has also become the go-to channel through which unknowns become known. Content creators are taking advantage of captive online audiences to achieve their dreams, and it doesn’t get much better than that!

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