Interactive Video Ads: The Wave of the Future (And It Might Just Wave Back At You)

If you’ve ever visited FoodPornDaily (it’s more G-rated than it sounds), then you know that its food is so visually satisfying that you wish you could reach out and Just. Take. One. Little. Bite. The tagline, “click, drool, repeat,” is a bit too real. So, technology isn’t quite at the point where we can taste the image of a luscious piece of chocolate cake on our laptops and tablets, but what if we could interact with an ad to make our favorite desserts?

The idea of using technology to make ads interactive is certainly not breaking news, by any means. However, brands are finally starting to experiment with increasingly interactive digital video ad formats.

But what does this have to do with dessert? One of those brands in particular, Kraft, lures lovers of Boston cream pie with its trial run with interactive video ads. Even if you are more of an apple pie fan, play along:

As the 15-second clip runs, the viewer simply has to click over the frame in order to get a recipe, which is fully equipped with products from, you guessed it, Kraft. This might not be the best, or least-intrusive, interactive video ad, but it’s a glimpse into the unique branding opportunities that are on the cusp of real-life integration.

Another technology that is currently in the works features mobile ads that are fully interactive, almost video game-esque, that conforms and responds to the movements of your body as you run and walk. Next time you’re looking for a Starbucks on your way to work, your phone could present you with an Adtile ad inviting you to “walk 20 feet this way and earn a free coffee!”

The reality is that while none of these technologies are perfected or mainstream yet, they hint towards the future of advertising. For consumers, ads are becoming less of a static disruption, and more of a fully interactive visual experience. For advertisers, these technologies are disrupting the industry, and the potential is frighteningly exciting and limitless.

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