Instagram Video Provides “Short, Yet Memorable Brand Interactions”

The age of multitasking has produced a new species of human beings that is multiplying exponentially: the modern Internet consumer. In a world where the next technological advancement is just around the corner, the equally tech-savvy consumer has created an interesting dilemma for brands: competing for the attention of an audience that is more reachable than ever.

Most consumers would argue that this instantaneous accessibility to a breadth of information from a range of sources has had significant, yet beneficial implications on the current generation. However, this surge in content availability has also seriously diminished the attention span of consumers, as well as their desire for in-depth interaction.

So, how can brands compete in a world of short attention spans?

The marketers behind adidas and Champs sports have found that the common answer to this question is the power of Instagram Video.

Kelly Olmstead, adidas Sports Style Director of Marketing asserts, “Stories do not have to be long to be good” because consumers are “interested in bite size and easy-to-understand stories, hence the success of social media platforms like Instagram.”

The decision to utilize the 15-second format of Instagram is further explained by Champs Sports Director of Marketing, Scott Burton:

“To compete in a world with so much content and information, we feel these digestible nuggets offer our consumer short, yet memorable brand interactions on their terms.”

But do all brands feel this way?

So far, Instagram has attracted 67% of the top brands in the world, with brands accounting for 40% of the 1,000 most shared videos. The success of those brands isn’t a result of the large Instagram community, as its 150 million monthly active users pales in comparison to the 1.2 billion users of its parent company, Facebook.

The secret behind Instagram is its bite-sized clips that prove to be more watchable and shareable than other content, as the brand interaction rate for Instagram posts were 15 times higher than those on Facebook.

Social media users engaged with brands

The Benefits of Instagram Video as a Marketing Strategy

  1. The 15-second vignette style posts are able to capture that light-speed attention span.
  2. Short, visual stories act as a sneak preview to a bigger picture, which intrigues the audience.
  3. Published content evokes a unique “edited feel” that seems professional.
  4. Takes viewers on a mobile journey in a fun and exciting way that doesn’t come across as self-promotional.
  5. Enables brands to break up longer video into multiple clips, encouraging loyalty and engagement.
  6. It forces brands and content creators to be more disciplined in their messaging—you’ve only got 15 seconds!

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