Fun Video Friday: Lions, Tigers and Bears! Oh, My!

If you watched The Wizard of Oz closely enough, Dorothy’s famous line actually went something like this: lions, and tigers, and bears! Oh, my…I love those jeans. Where’d you get them?

Well, not really. But Zoo Jeans is truly redefining the way that we see lions, tigers and bears. These furry friends are no longer the temperamental, powerful rulers of the Animal Kingdom; instead they are tearing their way—quite literally—into a new domain: fashion.

Yes, you read that right. FASHION. In an impressive and imaginative attempt to raise funds for the Kamine Zoo in Japan, a charity campaign has launched a line of jeans that has rather interesting take on the “distressed denim” look.

Devour this awesome video and understand why you can sport this brand and really say, without any exaggeration, that these are “the only jeans on earth designed by dangerous animals.”

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