Friday Freebies: One Thing You Wouldn’t Expect to Stumble Upon in the City

As you walk through the city on your way to work Friday morning, you may pass a number of things that are “technincally” free: a piece of gum on the sidewalk, a cigarette butt or maybe even an abandoned newspaper. But what about a work of art? It’s not your typical city freebie; it’s much better.

Introducing Free Art Friday: “Artwork placed on the street for any member of the public to enjoy and take home. Go on, make someone’s day!”

To inspire other artists, Alex Lee (founder of the movement) talked about his own positive Free Art Friday experiences in a short film uploaded on Vimeo and YouTube.

Not only do random citizens receive free art, but the movement also gives artists the opportunity “to create work free from the constraints of commerce, to voice an idea, shout a political message or just amuse and confuse the viewer,” states its Facebook page.

Giving away free art to strangers is an incredible initiative. Hopefully with these kinds of videos, more people will become aware of the movement, join in and continue to spread art and positivity around the world.

If you want to learn more about Free Art Friday, check out the movement’s Facebook page!

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