Feeding the Homeless in Atlanta. Watch and Pay it Forward.

Would you set up a BBQ to feed the homeless in your city? These filmmakers hope that after watching this video, you’ll be inspired to do so. GiveBackFilms is a YouTube channel dedicated to giving back (as you might have guessed). This group of young people raises money for worthy causes, gives out tips the size of rent checks and ultimately seeks to help out those who need it most.

Through its channel, GiveBackFilms is able to share these acts of kindness with the world in hopes that viewers will be inspired to give back in their own ways. With more than 17 million total views on their channel, these filmmakers are proving that positivity pays off—and they want you to pay it forward.


“We put these videos on YouTube in hopes that some of you will be inspired to go out and do similar things! Pay it forward.”

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