The Dangers Behind the “Get Free YouTube Views” Mentality

If you’ve spent any amount of time, money and/or energy creating online videos, you’ve probably asked Google how you can get more free views for your video—and we don’t blame you! Obviously you want more people to watch, love and share your videos; that’s why you created them in the first place. However, today we’ll set out to change the way you think about driving traffic to your online video content and discuss the dangers behind the “get free YouTube views” mentality.

To start, we’ll give our definition of this state of mind. People who have this mentality are only concerned with the number of views their videos receive. Don’t get me wrong, having a large number of video views is not a bad thing. However, a number is not the only thing people should focus on when it comes to their online videos. Keep in mind, random video views are not as valuable as the right views.

So what do we mean by “the right views?” These are views from highly targeted, relevant audiences—the people who are most likely to watch and engage with your videos. For example, let’s say you’re a vlogger with a series of makeup tutorial videos. You should want to reach viewers who are interested in makeup and the best tips & tricks for applying said makeup. To these viewers, you’re offering incredible value which means they’ll continue to watch your videos and even share them across their social networks.

Instead of simply increasing a video’s view count, you should concentrate on establishing a dedicated fan base. To do this, you’ll need to deliver your videos to people who are truly interested your content. Contrary to popular belief, doing so is neither complicated nor expensive. If you want to get your videos in front of the right eyes, you should test out the ViralGains self-serve platform.

After four easy steps, you can start promoting your videos for less than $1. Not only do we drive targeted views for your video, but we also optimize for social engagement (i.e. we deliver your content to the most socially active video viewers). These people are more likely to share your videos on social networks, boosting your overall reach and exposure across the Web.

These social shares are incredibly important, which is why we give you the option to include “share buttons” on your video. The player even has space for a call-to-action and subscribe button below. Take a look:

               Social buttons video player

Shake off that “get free YouTube views” mentality and click on the image below to start building a devoted fan base today.

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