Breville Puts a Sweet Twist on a Classic Dish

One of the best ways to drive views and engagement with online video is to offer value to viewers. Oftentimes, brands simply repurpose television commercials and other overly promotional content to establish an online video presence. However, these videos tend to perform poorly in comparison to original content that entices viewers with a value exchange.

For example, household appliance company Breville could just upload videos that show off its blenders, microwaves, juicers, etc. But instead, the company is attracting a large audience of food lovers with several video series featuring award-winning chefs making some of their favorite recipes.

People turn to online video for entertainment, but ultimately seek to “get something out of it,” whether it’s a lesson, a quick distraction, or even a new dessert recipe. With its subtle product placement and value offering, Breville is demonstrating its dedication to creating quality content that meets the wants and needs of online video viewers.

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