The Biggest Advertising Campaign for the Fourth of July is Actually for July Third

Tomorrow is Independence Day and as with any national holiday, it represents a significant marketing opportunity. When I sat down to write a Holiday Marketing article in celebration of July Fourth, I was expecting to come across a slew of related video advertisements. Alas, I found hardly any videos exploiting patriotism to sell products.

I did, however, find the exact opposite. Newcastle and Droga5 are back again this year promoting July Third as “Independence Eve,” and are encouraging Americans to pick up a bottle of Newcastle, brewed in Britain, to celebrate. The brand has released more than ten videos explaining how great America could have been if Britain won the Revolutionary War.

Of course this upset a few hardcore Patriots, so the company made this video with an apology from Elizabeth Hurley.

Newcastle and Droga5 have celebrity endorsements down pat. They attracted major attention during the Super Bowl with ads featuring Anna Kendrick and Keyshawn Johnson, and now they’re racking up views on their #IfWeWon videos featuring Stephen Merchant, Zachary Quinto and Elizabeth Hurley.

Can Newcastle and Droga5 do no wrong? In terms of branded video advertising around holidays and events, this powerhouse team has become one of the best hijackers in America. The lesson here: even if you can’t broadcast your ad during the Super Bowl or flaunt the “American-ness” of your brand, you have an opportunity to turn heads with online video content.

One thing I know for certain, tonight I’ll be ordering a Newcastle, celebrating Independence Eve and wondering exactly what we’re missing out on because America won the Revolutionary War.

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