Is 1,000,000 Words Too Much for a Yelp Review?

Apparently not. In the words of YouTube guest bloggers Troy Olsen and Jeff Loquist (ShoppersChoice), “If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million.” See where I’m going with this? Yup, Yelp has introduced video to its mobile app. Users will be able to film short clips of restaurants and other venues to share with the rest of the Yelp community.

The new feature, “will allow users to add short videos [three- to 12-seconds long] that show off aspects like ambiance, lighting, noise level, and other features of local businesses not easily captured by photographs,” states the company’s blog post. It’s currently available for iOS users, but an Android version will follow shortly.

Yelp Video

The site’s own research found that people spend 2.5X longer on business pages with pictures than on those without—with the introduction of these short clips, viewers will be spending even more time interacting with these pages. Now for all of you video-takers, Yelp isn’t necessarily looking for video reviews. Your videos should capture the real-life consumer experience.

Check out a few examples Yelp included in its blog post:

Tapas y tapas

Live music setting the scene for a night on the town at Tapas y Tapas in Cologne, Germany.

Ace Hotel

Settling in to a suite at the Ace Hotel in New York, NY


Table-side dish preparation at Chicago’s Alinea.

Mobile video is definitely the way to go. eMarketer predicts that by 2018 there will be 125 million smartphone video viewers and 149 million tablet video viewers. This is 38.1% and 45.3% of the United States’ entire population. Of the time U.S. adults spend watching online video, 60% is spent on mobile devices.

Smartphone Tablet Video Viewers

Integrating video into its mobile app is a strong play for Yelp. Not only will it give people a glimpse into the atmosphere of potential dining destinations, but it will also give restaurants and venues a more creative way to promote themselves. Because images and reviews are easier to manipulate, video clips will also allow for greater transparency.

Ultimately, Yelp hopes that these user-generated videos will help people make better decisions on where to spend their money and which local businesses to support.

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