What We’re Watching Wednesday 6/11

Welcome to our new weekly series, “What We’re Watching Wednesday.” Each Wednesday, all of us over here at ViralGains will share some of our favorite videos we’ve seen in the past week or so for your viewing pleasure.

It’s unfortunate that no one is tracking video shares over Gchat because we do that…a lot. Hilarious, entertaining videos make their way around the office and a chorus of laughter follows suit. We love sharing videos with each other, and we thought you’d like to join in on the fun. Here is this week’s lineup, enjoy!

Of course we’re all excited about the World Cup, but no one is more excited than our Brazilian Ad Ops Manager Vitor Petrone. He loved Nike’s new ad that has “viral sensation” written all over it.

Our Graphic Designer Chase Compton is more of a dog person, but he has to admit these kittens are pretty cool.

Our Social Media Master Peter McCracken found this winner on Twitter. The first 30-seconds are absolute magic.

Aletta Marsans, our Market Research Guru, loves her lists.

Our COO Dan Levin shared this gem with the team.

Okay, The Lion King is my all-time favorite movie, but I have to give props to Screen Junkies for making killer honest trailers.

Our Marketing Manager Chelsea Ogozaly has always wondered what goes on inside dishwashers…

Business Evangelist Marcos Rocha has been keeping up with E3 and sent us this little preview.

What have you been watching this week? Share your favorite videos with us in the comments below!

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