Holiday Marketing: Father’s Day Edition

Father’s Day is this Sunday and in celebration, brands have decided to tug on some heartstrings. Many of this year’s Father’s Day ads are real tear-jerkers. From Dove’s tribute to dads to WestJet’s heartwarming reunion, these commercials are designed to stir up some pretty powerful emotions.

The first comes from American Greetings, a company now known for its “World’s Toughest Job,” viral video. Agency Mullen is back with this ad for dads that has us all wondering: who really has the world’s toughest job?

You’ve probably seen Dove’s incredible Summer and Winter Olympic ads that pay tribute to moms, but now it’s dads’ turn. As the company states in the video’s description, “It’s time to acknowledge the caring moments of fatherhood that often go overlooked.”

WestJet is another brand with a viral hit under its belt that has created an ad for Father’s Day. It’s Christmas Miracle video touched the hearts of millions of viewers and now, the company is out to do it again. This time, WestJet paired up with Ronald McDonald House Charities Canada to reunite a loving father with his sick child and family.

In a similar fashion, the Toronto Blue Jays surprised three of its players with visits from their dads.

Disney is celebrating dads as well with this “aww”-inspiring video and description that reads, “Here’s to the original Prince Charming in your life. The one that let you know you are a princess. The one that played make-believe way before you realized it was well, make-believe. The one that tied your shoes, let you have that extra scoop of ice cream, giggled when you were being silly and made it all better when you cried.”

Miller produced this TV ad, “Here’s to Dad,” to remind us that, “You don’t call him by his real name, but you two share a lifelong friendship.”

How will you celebrate your dad this Father’s Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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