How to Create Engaging Content People Will Want to Watch

Video is a fun, yet efficient way to project your brand and message to the masses. Whether you embed video on your website or post it to social media, it is important to create engaging content. A video containing content you want rather than what appeals to your audience will get little traction. Surprisingly, there are thousands of videos on the Internet that were produced without considering audience engagement. While you should still attempt to gauge what type of content will appeal to your customers and potential customers, below are some ideas to help you create engaging videos people will want to watch and share.

Keep it Simple

When considering content, develop something simple and easy to follow.  If you create something complicated, chances are you will lose the attention of your audience.  Also, try to keep it short and to the point.  If a video is too long, many won’t even tune in, and those who do will find it difficult to stay engaged.  Try to keep it under 3.5 minutes. Less is more. Think about your own habits when going to see a major motion picture.  How many times do you pass on that three-hour movie in favor of one that is 90 minutes?

Humor Always Helps

The world is tough, people are stressed and life is more fast-paced than ever.  Coming up with something fun, lighthearted and humorous always helps increase the response.  Keeping it funny but tasteful will help generate a wider audience.

Kids and Pets Always Get Attention

Finding respectable and entertaining ways to incorporate kids and pets can help boost the response. Think about some of the most popular and memorable television commercials, such as E*Trade’s. The company knew what it was doing when it incorporated the E*Trade Baby.

Tips and Tricks are Popular and Sharable

People love to watch and share “How To” videos and videos with useful tips and information. Try to avoid being dry and boring by using enthusiastic subjects. Consider incorporating a bit of tasteful humor into the video as well. Here is an example of a fun and useful “How To” video.

Pull on Heartstrings

Finding a way to pull on the heartstrings of your audience by giving them something they can connect with and share can make for a successful video campaign. However, be cautious when taking this approach. You will need to ensure you are tugging at the heart of your audience and not depressing them. The Cleveland Clinic produced an excellent “heartstring” video that went viral last year and has reached over one million YouTube views so far.

Create a Story or Series to Follow

People enjoy watching a video series with a storyline they can follow. Creating characters and/or scenarios that can be turned into a series of videos can help generate a loyal following. People will begin to look forward to the next “chapter” in whatever story or series you create. Just like television, try to incorporate a cliffhanger or situation at the end of each video to keep the audience coming back.

While the above contains good tips and practices to consider, be sure to take inventory of your customers and intended audience to determine the strategies that will work best for you. Remember, tracking the response to your videos gives you a good idea of what content appeals most to your audience.

Since this entire article talks about the power of video, we thought it was only appropriate to share some successful campaigns with you as further examples.  So, here is a link to some successful 2013 corporate campaigns. Enjoy and good luck!

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