User-Generated Content Inspires Branded Video Ads

You’re at your buddy’s house during the summer chilling in the backyard pool, and suddenly, an idea comes to you. Why not see just how crazy and intricate you can get with a basketball shot. YouTube has become a breeding ground for home video stunts, and Rube Goldberg Pool Dunks, like the ones shown below, are all the rage.

So when it came to promoting Turkish Airlines, Crispin Porter + Bogusky London recruited some Euroleague ballers to create one of the most epic pool dunks of all time (includes jet skis and jet packs!). In a day, the video has racked up more than 500,000 YouTube views.

The entire video is one fluid shot, and getting the perfect take was a bit of a challenge: “It’s a one-shot ad—30 seconds. We’ve got two cranes, 12 players—four pros—all of whom have to be synchronized and choreographed perfectly. We’ve got one day to shoot this, but in reality we’ve got four hours, because the professionals are only here for that time,” said executive producer Rob Steiner.

Practice makes perfect, and these guys needed 22 practice runs before they got the perfect shot. Check out the Behind the Scenes video they put out along with the ad:

So to all you pool ballers out there, congratulations. You’ve created such a popular internet trend that brands are even taking a whack at it. With a bigger budget and bigger toys, Turkish Airlines and CP+B are out to entertain pool dunking fans across the Web.

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