The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Inexpensive, Effective Online Video Advertisements

For many small business owners, “inexpensive” and “effective” are the magic words when it comes to marketing, but discovering an advertising channel that can deliver on both is no easy task. Certain promotional strategies may be incredibly effective, yet fall outside of business’s budget and inexpensive promotions may not deliver the best results. However, as surprising as it may seem, online video marketing can be an inexpensive, effective way to promote a small business.

Long gone are the days of unaffordable production costs. Small businesses do not have to spend thousands of dollars to produce high quality videos for online viewers. In fact, you can create professional-looking advertisements for as little as $10. Tech companies have noticed a need for inexpensive, high quality video ads and have created platforms to help small businesses establish a presence in the online video marketing space.

For example, Shakr Media’s platform allows small companies to automatically create video clips from snippets of information. On the site, you can choose from 20 different categories whether you’re looking to convey a certain feeling or represent a certain type of business. After clicking on a category, you can choose from a list of themes. Each theme includes a preview and describes how many photos and videos it requires.

You can even try out the service for free; Shakr only charges for HD versions of your video. Check out some automotive examples below:

Clearly, online video advertisements can be inexpensive—now to address their effectiveness. In order for your online videos to drive awareness, engagement and ultimately purchases, they must reach the right audience. Simply uploading a video to your YouTube channel and sharing it across you social networks is not enough—with this strategy, it’s unlikely your message will reach anyone outside of your existing networks. To maximize the effectiveness of your video marketing campaigns, you should invest in paid media with a video seeding company.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “well that sounds expensive.” Fear not! Using a video marketing platform to distribute your videos won’t break the bank. For example, if you used the ViralGains video marketing platform, you would pay 30¢ per view, which is the cost per view (CPV). That means if you wanted to serve your video to a 1,500 highly targeted individuals within close proximity to your store, you would pay $450.

Your video would be placed on relevant blogs, social games and other channels in order to reach the right audience. With our self-serve platform, you will also be able to track views, shares, conversations around your online videos. Setting up a video campaign with ViralGains is incredibly simple. First, sign up for the platform on our homepage. Once you’re inside the dashboard, you can start a new campaign.

Step 1: Video

Insert the YouTube URL for your video and name your campaign. For this example, I’ll use “The Evolution of Dance.” Once you’ve uploaded your video, you can customize the video player with up to four “share” buttons and include a unique call-to-action (CTA) below the player.

Pro Tip: Make sure to use the share buttons of social networks relevant to your audience to maximize social activity. A compelling CTA with a direct and clear message to the user can highly increase the click-through rate.

ViralGains Platform Video

Step 2: Audience

Target your audience based on gender, age, income, interests and geographic location.

ViralGains Platform Audience

Step 3: Budget & Timeline

Set a daily or total budget as well as a start and end date for your campaign.

ViralGains Platform Budget Timeline

Step 4: Review and Launch your Campaign

ViralGains Platform Launch

Step 5: Tracking

Once you’ve funded your campaign and your video is approved, you will have access to transparent tracking and video analytics.

We know that as a small business owner, you need you marketing dollars to go further (59% of U.S. small businesses and nonprofits cited this as their leading marketing concern—eMarketer), and online video advertising can do just that. Animoto found that 73% of all U.S. adults are more likely to make a purchase after watching an online video that explains a product or service. Additional statistics from the company’s infographic reinforce the value of video marketing:

Animoto Infographic Online Video

Online video ads can be inexpensive to produce and effective if they reach the right audience. It’s not easy to reach and engage the perfect audience on your own, which is why we invite you to try out our platform today!

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