Holiday Marketing: Mother’s Day Edition

I hope you’ve all sent cards to your mother or planned a nice brunch for Sunday because Mother’s Day is here. This weekend we celebrate the mother figures in our lives who have shared with us their love, guidance and support. Brands are joining the celebration with emotional video ads sure to touch the hearts of viewers and moms worldwide.

First up is this viral sensation, “World’s Toughest Job.” Created by Mullen for Cardstore, the video captures interviewees applying for a job that requires 135+ hours a week, the ability to work standing up at all times, crisis management skills, in addition to degrees in finance, medicine and culinary arts—and the pay? Absolutely nothing. Of course initially, we all thought these applicants were insane, and in time they came to realize the position was insane too. But when the interviewer explained that billions of people already hold this job, our disbelief turned into awe and gratefulness. Take a look:

The video has earned over 17.8 million YouTube views and 1.58 million social shares. I even shared it with my mom—she loved it.

But I digress. Google Glass brings us the next Mother’s Day ad that follows a young man on a journey to surprise his mother with a visit (among other things). The touching revelation at the end is sure to elicit a few “awws” from viewers.

With the NFL Draft tonight and Mother’s Day on Sunday, this next video couldn’t be more perfectly timed. It tells the story of Teddy Bridgewater, the likely soon-to-be 1st round NFL Draft pick, as he delivers on a promise he made to his mother when he was a child.

Have any favorite Mother’s Day video ads? Let us know in the comments below. We hope you and your family have an amazing Mother’s Day this weekend!

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