Fun Video Friday: HBO’s Hilarious Take on the Biggest Democratic Election in Human History

Full disclosure: this week’s video isn’t a short clip; it’s an eight-minute excerpt from HBO’s brand new show, Last Week Tonight. It may sound like a bit of a yawn-fest—but rest assured, we wouldn’t put you through that.

Aside from being an HBO show hosted by the single funniest human being on the planet (I’m a big John Oliver fan, sue me), the video covers an extremely pertinent issue—the 2014 Indian general election. If the largest democratic election in human history, in which an estimated 1/5th of the world’s working age population will cast their vote, isn’t something that piques your interest, well more power to you.

The video is a bitingly funny, succinct glimpse into a highly complex political system, and as our resident content marketing extraordinaire Hannah Brenzel puts it, “it’s the perfect way to get young people interested in real news.”

The video, that has over 1.2 million views on YouTube, also features an escaped leopard leaping around the cityscape, some hilarious Fox News bashing (because really, who doesn’t love that?) and a prime-ministerial hopeful campaigning via hologram (I’m not even kidding).

Check it out here!

Happy Friday everyone!

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