How to Use Flipagram to Promote Your Brand

Looking for more multimedia ways to build your brand’s social presence? Flipagram, a mobile app used to create 15- or 30-second photo slideshows set to background music or narration, has recently entered the market of photo and video editing applications. After pictures are chosen for the slideshow, the video stories can then be exported to a number of social media outlets, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest. Flipagram is currently the fifth-most downloaded free photo and video application in the iTunes App Store and continues to gain popularity, most notably among brands.

How to Use Flipagram

The process is simple: select any number of photos, set the length of the video and share the video on whatever channels you’d like. It’s not required to add an overlaid title and soundtrack, but doing so usually enhances the video. Easy!

How to use Flipagram

Brands Successfully Using Flipagram to Build Brand Image

Though most slideshows are created by average people, companies ranging from the clothing brand Rebecca Minkoff to the care-based business People Water to the entertainment studio and theme park Universal Studios have been using Flipagram to promote their products, reflecting the boom in video promotion and viral marketing in recent years. These companies—spanning industries, sizes and global locations—have recognized the importance of social and online video to their marketing communications and brand image.

Rebecca Minkoff’s promotion of an upcoming store launch:

People Water’s display of brand values and past work:

Universal Studios’ recap of 2013’s best experiences at the park:

Using Flipagram to Promote Your Business

So, how can you use Flipagram for your own brand? Here are some content ideas, as well as general tips, for your video stories:

  • Recap events: Photo slideshows oftentimes serve the purpose of recapping events. If you just launched a product at a trade show or opened a new store location, string your photos together with Flipagram. In the video below, Victoria’s Secret highlights photo shoots and new products from 2013:

  • Show your reach: If you held a branded contest sourcing your users for photos, you can clip the photos together with Flipagram to display the best entries or the vast quantity, and therefore popularity, of your contest and brand. Another idea could be to link photos of various happy customers using your product.
  • Give a voice to the brand: Instead of using music, you or another member of your company can narrate the 15 seconds, lending an actual voice to your brand and making it more personable.
  • Put your artistry on display: The whole point of photo slideshows is to showcase attractive photos. Why post just one picture on Instagram at a time when you could display several at once with Flipagram? Show off your photographic talent and draw viewers in with your glowing brand image.
  • Avoid clutter: Flipagrams can include any number of photos, but make sure to not overwhelm the audience with the quantity, unless that is the intended effect. If you want viewers to be able to admire each photo, be selective over the pictures that make the cut.

Flipagram seems like an easy and visually appealing way for brands to tell stories and show some personality, and the fact that the videos can be exported to Instagram makes it a natural tie-in to brand marketing, given the recent popularity in using Instagram Video for brand promotion. Do you envision yourself using Flipagram for your business? Let us know in comments, and tweet us your video @ViralGains!

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