Books Take Center Stage in a Variety of Online Video Advertisements

When e-readers and ebooks started flying off hypothetical shelves, many people cited it as the beginning of the end of “real books”. Slowly but surely, people are realizing that physical books aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, especially as brands and marketers find new, creative ways to use them. Recently, advertisers have been featuring one-of-a-kind books in their online videos to drive social-issue initiatives, recruit new talent and even create the perfect BBQ meal.

Back in March, Dubai-based agency FP7 used custom books to poach talent while also avoiding headhunter fees. Each volume was incredibly well designed and personalized to match recruits’ interests. Inside the book, the agency hid a smartphone programmed with only one number: the personal cell of FP7’s executive creative director.

The agency’s scheme paid off; its “Poaching Phones” brought in four key staffers—an art director, a design chief and an award-winning creative team.

The next book titled Biblia Definitiva Do Churrasco, or The Bible of Barbecue, was created by JWT Brazil to promote the Tramontina cookware line. It’s pretty much the ultimate DIY BBQ book. Only a few “master barbecue chefs” received the books, though the agency is producing a simplified version to be sold in stores. Warning: this video will make you crave BBQ.

Whoever thought books could provide clean drinking water to people around the world? DDB New York and Water Is Life have authored a Drinkable Book, filled with pages upon pages of paper filters that can purify contaminated water.

“The pages are coated with microscopic particles of silver. When water passes through, more than 99 percent of harmful bacteria—like cholera, E. coli and typhoid—are destroyed, and the resulting liquid is safe to drink,” states an Adweek article.

Text on each page is printed in food-quality ink and provides safety information, such as reminders to keep trash and feces away from water supplies. Creative and practical, each book can provide a person with drinkable water for up to four years.

Last but not least, Brazilian agency DM9Sul in partnership with the Dorina Nowill Foundation and Danish healthcare company Novo Nordisk, has commissioned ten leading Brazilian authors to produce a collection of new, original stories—on the theme, “Everything we cannot see”—that will be published exclusively in Braille. These books were designed to raise awareness of the lack of Braille reading materials in a country with half a million sight-impaired people.

“Besides raising awareness, the project seeks to engage society in helping change this reality,” says Márcio Callage, CEO of DM9Sul.

Physical books are still a cherished art form and clearly have the ability to become more than just words on a page. The talented agencies and companies behind these campaigns have taken books to another level by promoting causes and entertaining video viewers around the world.

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