4 Takeaways from NewFronts 2014

‘Fearless’ was the word of the day, and fearless was the way we played at the 2014 NewFronts Conference. Last Wednesday, the team hopped on the 6:10am Amtrak to New York City, navigated Penn Station, and somehow arrived at the doorstep of DigitasLBi ready to go. The torrential downpour couldn’t bring us down because the VG team was fearless.

This was a monumental day not just because it was my first trip to NYC since the 8th grade U.N. field trip, but because the ViralGains team had this incredible opportunity to learn from the world’s best in digital, a.k.a. Digitas and to present our product to a selection of its biggest clients. The team was pretty pumped up.

The VG power-team of Jay, Marcos, AJ, and yours truly started the day with an amazing opening speech from none other than Digitas’ own Chia Chen and Ed Sim from BoldStart. The rest of the day was a blur as we shuffled around from one meeting room to the next, grabbing a quick cookie for energy, and shaking hands and kissing babies—you know, the usual.  Through all of the presentations, conversations, and speeches, we saw the emergence of four major themes that should be carefully considered by brands, agencies and businesses of all sizes.

Key takeaways from Chia Chen, innovative digital marketing leader at Digitas, and Ed Sim, founder of BoldStart Ventures:

1. “Mobile is changing everything”

People are using their mobile devices to search, to shop and to ultimately entertain themselves. Many mobile users feel naked without their device on-hand and as such, brands have a noticeable marketing opportunity. It is the best place to reach people on a personal level and really target their interests based everything from geotags to purchase history.

2. In-app is the place to be

People are spending 80% of their time on mobile devices in apps. As more marketers shift their focus to mobile marketing, Juniper Research predicts that by 2018, spending on in-app advertising will reach $17 billion, a significant shift from the $3.5 billion spent in 2013. As a result, brands and marketers should see in an increase in in-app revenue as well—Parks Associates expects in-app advertising revenue to exceed $5.6 billion by 2017.

3. It’s about smart data, not big data.

We’ve reached a time when huge amounts of data storage and gathering are no longer a big deal. It’s all about developing SMART algorithms for more precise, exact targeting.

The “Era of Big Data is over, next wave is delivering intelligent and actionable insight driven by innovations in back / front end processing and storage,” states the BoldStart Ventures website.

For example, the ViralGains platform “sorts and analyzes the engagement of specific users and develops a profile to target the most engaged viewers in a specific target audience,” explains Ad Operations Manager Vitor Petrone.

4. Find new ways to reach people.

The world today is so full of advertising that people are becoming numb to its effects. For advertising to be truly effective anymore, we have to break away from traditional interruptive styles and find new ways to reach audiences, new ways to engage with them and position advertising as an enhancement to the experience of content consumption.

Think outside the box. You aren’t going to be successful doing what everyone else is doing!

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