3 Reasons Why Your Online Video Campaign Needs a Paid Media Boost

According to YouTube, 100 hours of video are uploaded to its site every minute. Typically, people view this statistic in a positive light as it demonstrates the growing popularity of online video. However, as a brand or advertising agency, this figure could be a bit daunting. You have branded videos that certain audiences need to see, but how are you supposed to compete with all of the other content constantly being uploaded to video sharing sites? More often than not, in order to get your video in front of the right eyes you’ll need to invest in paid media.

In this article, we’ll discuss three key reasons why your online video marketing campaigns need a paid media boost.

1. A majority of video ad views occur outside of YouTube

Uploading your video to YouTube is easy, but take note—in March, 76.3% of the 46.6 billion video ad views happened outside of YouTube. People are consuming video content on a variety of sites, which is why native video ad placements are ideal. These videos integrate seamlessly into a viewer’s Web experience and should be click-to-play, ensuring authentic interest in the content.

Most brands don’t have time to manually reach out to niche sites where target audiences are engaging with video ads. This is where paid media comes into play. Distribute your branded content through video seeding companies that have existing relationships with publishers. Not only will you be able to reach viewers on the sites they frequent, but you will also be able to cast a wider net with ad placements on blogs, mobile apps, social games, influencer sites, social media and more.

2. 42% of social shares happen within 72 hours of video launch

Earned media, or the additional viewership that results from organic social shares, is the most important driver of “virality.” People are more likely to watch a video that is posted by a friend, than one that’s posted by the brand itself. According to research from Unruly, 42% of branded video social shares happen within the first 72 hours and 65% happen within the first seven days after a video is released.

This means you’ll need to serve your video to the most engaged audience as soon as possible, and it’s unlikely you’ll be able to do so without a paid media spend. Simply uploading your video to YouTube and sharing it across your social channels is not enough. Though it is important to entertain social media fans and loyal customers with online video content, you need to reach new consumers.

Pair up with a distribution company that will deliver your video to the most socially engaged people within your target market. This will fuel views, shares and conversations around your video and maximize your brand’s reach amongst the right audience. Speaking of which…

3. It is imperative that you reach the right audience

Throwing your content on a video sharing site may earn you an audience, but is the right audience? You need to serve video advertisements to the people most likely to view, share, engage and ultimately purchase your product. You can’t leave it up to chance whether or not these people view your video, so paid media is a must!

With an ideal video seeding company, you will be able to target viewers based on thousands of attributes and determine exactly where they’ll see your video. To put it simply, you will have the ability to reach the perfect audience for your content.

With all of the time, money and effort you put into creating online videos, you can’t afford for them to fall on deaf ears. Add paid media to your distribution strategy to increase the overall effectiveness of your video ads and maximize your return on investment (ROI).

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