WWF Taps Into Snapchat, Online Video to Raise Awareness of Endangered Species

The Danish branch of the World Wildlife Fund has created a campaign based around a simple comparison to Snapchat that is both accurate and powerful. Just as a Snapchat message disappears in a matter of seconds, so too can an endangered species cease to exist in the blink of an eye.

The WWF is using “selfies” of five endangered species to spread awareness and prompt an active response from viewers. The message across each photo: “Don’t let this be my last selfie.”

Social sharing lies at the heart of any viral message, so the animal conservation organization is encouraging people to take “snaps” of the photos to share with their friends on Snapchat.

The #LastSelfie campaign comes from Grey Group ad agencies, 41?29! in Turkey and Uncle Grey in Denmark. Along with the photos comes an online video that cleverly ties Snapchat’s self-destructive count-down method to the diminishing numbers of endangered animals.

“In a way Snapchat is a mirror of real life. The images you see are transient, instant, unique, yet only live for a few seconds. Just like these endangered animals,” reads the #LastSelfie video.

“The emphasis of this new campaign is to underline that if we don’t take action in real life, these species will disappear for real,” states a press release about the campaign.

To take action, snap a picture of one of the endangered animal photos and share it with your friends on Snapchat. You can also support the campaign by following the Snapchat accounts of Denmark and Turkey, wwf_dk and wwf_turkiye. To donate to the WWF, visit its website here.

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