Slidermetrix: Moment-to-Moment Ratings for Online Video a Win-Win for Brands

Dialsmith, a technology and consulting company that develops products and services for research, audience engagement, and scoring, is introducing Slidermetrix, a service that offers moment-to-moment ratings for online video, creating an interactive experience that engages viewers, captures real-time feedback, and drives metrics for increased revenue.

“If people like it or not like it is a pretty thin metric,” David Paull, CEO of Dialsmith, told Adweek. “By being able to drill down into every moment, we begin to learn what they liked and specifically in which moments that occurs.”

Check it out for yourself with this ad from Volvo Trucks:

The Breakdown for Brands:

Additionally with Slidermetrix, brands can include pre-video questions which give insight into viewer demographics. Two beta testers Gannett Company’s KGW TV station in Portland and HSN (formerly known as the Home Shopping Network) have already seen great results with the service. KGW found that the pages that featured the video slider scales had double the time spent on them than other pages and HSN noted that Slidermetrix led to double digit increases in engagement time.

The interactivity Slidermetrix provides is no doubt a key to its success. In fact, recent research from Sizmek found that in 2013, North American interactive video ads had an 84% start rate and a 70% completion rate. Interaction rates in North America were 6.62%, and impressions with any interaction were 5.35%.

People are more willing to sit through an entire ad if there is some sort of interactive element. That’s what makes Slidermetrix and ideal service for brands: viewers will spend more time with an ad while also giving real-time feedback that a company can use to tailor its marketing strategy.

The only downfall I see for the service is its insistent reminder to keep rating the ad. My attitude toward a video doesn’t change every second; there are periods where I will choose to remain at the same rating. The reminders could skew the data if people feel like they should be moving the dial constantly throughout the video.

Over time I’m sure Dialsmith will iron out the kinks to create an optimal video measurement solution for brands. For now, Slidermetrix is available to companies as a monthly or annual subscription service. Keep an eye out; this could become a game-changer in the online video marketing space.

Update: Brian Izenson, Manager of Marketing & Business Development at Dialsmith, was kind enough to reach out and address the concern I mentioned above:

“I wanted to respond to your concern about the reminder message by letting you know that the reminder is completely customizable (one of a variety of custom settings within the Slidermetrix service) so you can choose not to have the reminder whatsoever or control the frequency for which it appears. You can also customize the text that appears for the reminder. For the sake of the examples shown on the Slidermetrix site, such as the Volvo video you featured, we’ve simply used the default reminder setting, where the reminder shows every 3 seconds…”

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