Behind the Scenes at ViralGains: Chelsea Ogozaly

A killer centerfielder, dessert fiend and data-crunching diva, Chelsea Ogozaly is VG’s go-to marketing girl.

Chelsea grew up in Hollis, New Hampshire, a town with more “apple trees than people” she quips. She attended a private Catholic high school in Nashua before enrolling at Bentley University in 2010. Three weeks shy of graduating with a degree in Marketing and Media Studies, Chelsea has armored herself in real-world experience whilst completing her education.

Her fruitful association with ViralGains began during her time working with A&G Ventures, a company that helps startups develop, define and expand their brands. She discovered ViralGains whilst conducting market research and eventually ended up pitching the company to her bosses at A&G. Since then, she has cultivated a relationship between both firms and launched VG’s marketing efforts into the stratosphere.

Having worked at Liberty Mutual, Chelsea is able to draw an interesting distinction between the start-up world and the corporate dynamic. “The energy and excitement in the start-up environment is ideal. I thrive under high pressure and deadlines,” she says. “The key to succeeding here is to manage things well—be it your time, your expectations or the expectations people have from you,” she advises. “Be realistic about how much you can give.”

How much can she give? Turns out, a lot. We’re convinced she’s the high priestess of some alternate universe where time stands still. There’s simply no other explanation for how she manages to lead the team, craft strategy, generate leads, bang out reports, get VG into the MITX finals and still have time to bake dessert. Oh, and did we mention she works two days a week?

When she isn’t killing it for VG, Chelsea can be found training for her next half-marathon, sketching with charcoal and appreciating the cinematographic genius behind shows like Breaking Bad, Mad Men and House of Cards.


“I’m your Boss AJ”

AJ and Chelsea: VG’s very own sibling rivalry situation.

“Guys! I brought cake-pops!”

The only thing she loves more than baking is the pre-baking grocery store run.


A dedicated Yogini, Chelsea stays centered. I mean, there’s got to be some reason she can do literally anything.

“I literally want to punch people who do that…”

Her only pet peeve is loud chewing. “Not the crunching kind, the chewy squelching kind,” she clarifies.


Someone get this girl a dog already!

“Go Marketing!”

“Where’s Chelsea?” seems to have become a marketing team mantra of sorts. She is our visionary bandleader who brings the numbers and the people together.

“My body needs sunshine to be happy”

Good thing she’s soon going to be hooked up with a sweeeet roof deck. Let the VG dartying begin!

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