“I Did Not See That Coming.” Branded Video Advertising With a Twist

This week, I came upon a few video ads that had me thinking, “Wow, I did not see that coming.” This is pretty rare as I tend to watch a good number of branded videos each day. You learn what to expect in most ads, so the unexpected elements are always appreciated. I thought I’d share a group of videos sans “spoiler” context for those of you who haven’t seen them, in hopes that you’ll enjoy the surprise twists as much as I did.

Note: Some of of the YouTube video titles give away the surprise; so try not to look!

The clip below has a surprise twist, not for you the viewer, but for the audience at the theater. They most definitely “did not see that coming.”

The surprising element in this video is the man’s incredible impression of a famous actor. The first time I watched it, I honestly thought it was a voice-over.

You’ve probably seen this one, or at least a spoof of it. I thought the original had an excellent element of surprise.

This video is not at all what it initially seems.

Note: The video below may be NSFW.

After looking at this thumbnail, I could imagine the kind of video it would be. The title gives a you a little hint, but the content is just not something you would expect.

I hope at least one of these videos surprised you. If not, share some ads with surprise twists you didn’t see coming in the comments below!

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